Face Mask - Family 4 Pack - by Category - Made in USA

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      Face masks don't have to be boring or dreadful to wear!  Our face masks come in an array of nice patterns and colors; good for work or social outings.  These packs are priced so you can have multiple masks at a great price.  With the rules changing around the country, having multiple face masks is a good idea - keep one in the car, or purse, or wherever.  Our masks are washable and are three piece construction, complete with the ability to insert a filter.  Each pack includes 50 filter refills, which are good for 8 hours of use and are disposable.  Made in USA and 100% Cotton, except for lt. blue pastel, which is poly-cotton.  Each picture is what comes in each pack and costs around $7.50 per mask!  Save big!
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