Flying R Ranchwear - Retro Plaid - Brown/Olive - Long Sleeve - Snaps


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      We've been on a retro kick lately, but who can blame us.  With so many of today's "ranch" shirts coming from Asia, there's hardly any separation from authentic, domestic snap shirts, and all of the drab sameness you see from other companies (and usually at much higher prices!).  This shirt is a perfect example of what made snap shirts very cool, way before they became trendy!  This one has perfect fall colors in light weight cotton fabric that work well with any shade of denim.  Available in a large range of sizes from 15.5x34 to 4XLT (20.5x38).  Made in USA, 100% Cotton.  Ships 10/25
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    • Variant: 15.5x34
    • In Stock: 8